Suddenly Time

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I have often made excuses. I could never find enough time (or personal space, thank you) to get down to write something -- anything.

Here it is late November 2020 with winter laying its icy hand down on certain little tent in a camp ground off the Rio Grande in Truth or Consequences, NM. It's a pretty new tent I picked up while in Espanola, NM. I like it...

Around me are all sorts and styles of folks in RVs, Travel vans, cars and no-cars. Most here are trying to get through to Spring healthy and avoid getting caught in a clogged up already overtaxed hospital system.

Thank you oh Bureau of Land Management and the City of Truth or Consequences for allowing extended stays during the Statewide closure of parks and travel restrictions.

Lately I've heard the complaint over and over again from folks new to taking refuge on the fly like this. "There's nothing to do." Often times they move on to find something more entertaining to do.

No, this is not Disney-Land or the Strip in Las Vegas. I sympathise to a point. There's no excuse getting yourself deathly ill or anybody else for that matter... because of boredom.

But let me not rant about it. There are other things worth finding out right up here. Knock, knock. Hear that coconut sound?

Funny thing is I have to admit. I tend to write things in my spare time that you'd only read if you were bored or an obligated member of family or friends.

I, I, I am working on it. Polishing the old apple, so to speak.

God bless my family for the support and cash. I feel today its possible. And it is said through faith anything is possible. And to find out what that really means I feel blessed.

I have plenty of time.

This blog is my socially distanced domicile. Social media doesn't cut it for me. I need to express without the convenience of an emoji. Maybe you'll find you can relate in some obscure but sufficient way. I hope so.